Parerile cursantilor

Ce spun cursantii Big Ben School?

“I like Big Ben because we learn English. I like English! We have great fun at Big Ben School!”
(Oprea Ana-Maria)

“I like Big Ben School because here there are only professional people and I learn interesting things”
(Popescu Mihnea)

“The teachers at Big Ben are good and they play English games with children. In grade III I enrolled at Big Ben School. Now I’m grade V and I can speak English well. This school is very good to learn English!”
(Moldoveanu Rebecca Ioana)

“At Big Ben we can learn English and German very well. Big Ben School is a very serious school!”
(Alpopi Serban)

“I like Big Ben School because the teacher is good, I make new friends, we play games, I learn English and I have a great time!”
(Andrei Bleortu)

“I like Big Ben School very much because we do exercises and at the end of the lesson we play a game. And because we learn English. It’s very funny here! We say funny stories and I make new friends.”
(Manole Diana)

“I like Big Ben School because I learn English and I make new friends. Big Ben School has great teachers!”
(Cristescu Maria)

“We learn, we play, we take tests, we know English and German and we meet new friends.”
(Cristi Dobrin)